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There is a demand opportunities, there are opportunities to make money there.
Release Time: 2015-8-27 17:10:34

Beijing since last year, there were already haze phenomenon, until this year there are like a small part of the place because of the haze of a lot of reasons for the emergence of diseases.

There is a demand opportunities, which is the everlasting truth. But because pollution brings opportunities or better.

Haze came bring us?

A. Health risks B. C. try not to go out to buy face masks selling masks D. E. F. sell air purifier air cleaner technology research and development of new investment in clean energy H. G. sell air

If you choose ABC, then you are an ordinary citizen; if you choose D, you are hawkers; choose E, you are a businessman; election F, you are one of the researchers want to make money in keeping with the times; choose G, you are PE or senior investors; if you choose H, you are Chen cursor.


A business opportunity: Buy "mask"

@ Chinese businessmen living in Economics: [Gray Man Xi'an] dust overwhelming, East Street, Xi'an, close to the door of a hospital to sell masks announcement, a number of local Xi'an street, hamlet and other vendors appear selling masks, reportedly are good business . Fog and haze, dust and weather bring trouble to the public, but there are opportunities, regular and small traders want to learn a piece.

@ Obsessed snail: [Changsha PM2.5 hot "haze economy" Changsha air purifier sales doubled] haze weather has not dissipated, during the Spring Festival, the city with the sound of firecrackers after another, a lot of businesses open for business. " open gun "letting Changsha PM2.5 stimulated skyrocketing. Compared with the gloomy weather, air pollution spawned by the market but red as fire, Changsha market masks, air purification product sales, "haze economy" has become a new business opportunity.

Sell masks, yes, I do not think this line no technical content, at the lowest end of the industrial chain, but can be very broad market prospects.

Do not you see, in addition to small shops, pharmacies, shop masks began to rise out of stock, roadside stalls selling masks are starting to become multiply. In the haze days, masks have become a must equip people to travel. It is expected that in the European Fashion Week for the Chinese market, the mask will be the next fashion cycle popular "Chinese elements."

In fact, because of frequent fog and haze days, the masks in a new category has been born --PM2.5 masks. As the name suggests, PM2.5 masks PM2.5 refers to effectively cut off the mask, price yuan range from a few dollars to 40. Of course, technology also diverse, activated carbon, electrostatic nonwoven composite fiber, Hong Lun antimicrobial technology, microfiltration filter technology ...... But what's most effective, it also requires expert analysis.

Recently, every day, standing in the road known as the "cleaner" a traffic police wearing masks began to attract favorable for the majority of users. Allegedly, this masks called "green shield" is a balance between filtration and sterilization multi-function PM2.5 masks. Police allotment masks is black, inverted "V" shape design, after wearing the nose and mouth can effectively surrounded.

Outside the masks, appeared out of stock of another commodity is an air purifier - buildings "mask."

As a new household appliances, although the product is expensive, from several hundred dollars to seven or eight thousand dollars, but in the haze hit the day, this industry is still feeling a different kind of spring.

It is reported that in the first quarter of 2013, the cities of Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Chengdu and other air purifiers have sold out phenomenon.

Established in 2009, Suzhou Beiang Technology Co., although they are still a home appliance recruits, but because of its focus on the technology, the production of Beiang air purifier, 2011 sales of more than 50 million units. May 2012 on the Lynx product line, sales reached 1,000,000 in the first half, the second half will grow to over 300 million.

In 2012 the Shanghai home Bo, general manager of USANA company Mawen Bing said that by 2015 China air purifier market is expected to reach 75 billion yuan.

Of course, in the broad sense "mask" business, and perhaps we will be selling a product - hair restorer. Some netizens suggestions:! "Haze days are over, there is a dust before recall coup - buy hair restorer applied in the nostrils, so that nose hair vigorous growth, it is OK to let what pm2.5 masks, gas masks are all laid off, after all, it is the best of the natural! "

Opportunities II: "qingfei" business

@ Lei Haijun V: Pangaoshou + food = haze opportunities, from eating and eat healthy start in Guangzhou, part of the product line to split large health Wanglaoji to Pangaoshou, Pangaoshou then with centuries positioning cough lungs from loquat product range, combined with "anti-haze, eating Pangaoshou" positioning, focusing loquat paste, a new package with jelly competition following the opponent, this is a game of chess.

@ Trader magazine official microblogging: [opportunities] haze behind the search for a sunrise industry and highlights the company's investment institutions, in the field of clean technology-related investment behind haze is rapidly become a new bright spot, PM2.5 only a phenomenon, it involves huge areas are facing new opportunities.

Pangaoshou + food = haze opportunities. Do not think this is the ridicule of friends, as a lawyer 雷海军 also active in the planning sector, it can be seen from Weibo, which has quite a profound study of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical industry.

To people what we lack the mentality to Chinese medicine philosophy lungs leading products in the haze lingers long drive the mainland market, the future is not without development opportunities.

Of course, in terms of opportunities caused haze, Pangaoshou of "clearing the lungs" is just a small field. How to clean air, clean nature of the "lungs", is the next biggest cake. Some media predicted that atmospheric pollution will give rise to multiple industry segments up to tens of billions.

"This is a huge number, trillion-level figures. Environmental Protection Industry of China, it is a necessary option. Just the treatment of industrial waste gas, there are hundreds of billions of market size." Northern Light Venture Capital director in Beijing general manager Yang Lei said.

Insiders pointed out that, in the eastern part of our country mired severe haze, again to the high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises sounded the alarm.

Chemicals, nonferrous metals, building materials industries, desulfurization out of stock and other industries will be the focus of energy saving. Late last year, the National Development and Reform Commission regulations, since January 1, 2013, the pilot program will denitrification tariff from the current 14 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) part of coal-fired generating units, expanded to all the country's coal-fired generating units.

Analysts expect this year's new thermal power plant denitration installed capacity of up to 150 million kilowatts, the country of more than 900 cement production lines will also be a large-scale transformation of the denitration start, the two sectors can create flue gas denitrification market will reach hundreds of billions yuan.

In the former vice president of China Academy of Environmental Sciences Xia Qing opinion, the power industry desulfurization and denitrification, the market will be to promote, the real difficulty, but it is need to upgrade the level of gasoline refining. "I think we can give due consideration to subsidize oil refining enterprises, enhance the refining level, which have to spend a lot of money, but if the other methods can not solve the haze, you have in it a little serious."

"This is a big decision, if you decide, you have to calculate the input-output analysis, if the health of the people really beneficial, subsidizing is not impossible." Xia Qing said.

Whether the main electricity desulfurization and denitration or desulfurization of heavy oil refining, air pollution control in the final analysis is a systems engineering, business four volts.

Xia Qing believes that in the field of environmental protection, each of the industry's top companies are promising, "as long as the technology leader, it will be very powerful.

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