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2012 Shanghai New Exhibition Hall nonwoven
Release Time: 2015-8-27 17:09:28

Following the last industrial textiles and nonwovens exhibition a big success, the 2012 China (Shanghai) Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition (Techtextil 2012 Shanghai nonwoven Show), will be moved to May 2012 16-18 to Shanghai World Expo Exhibition was held, open another section of new voyage!

Blockbuster, it is eligible for the parties to approval

Focus on behalf of the domestic non-woven industry, the last industrial textiles and nonwovens exhibition (Techtextil2011 Shanghai nonwoven exhibition) came to an end in applause and cheers in. Review this exhibition, attracted a total of from 10 countries and regions, including: 136 companies in Germany, the United States, Australia, France, Korea, Japan, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, China and Hong Kong SAR's participation, it is worth mention many of them, such as: Evonik Degussa, DuPont, South Korea A-lahm, Dongyang fiber, Shandong Huaye, Tianjin Bovee, Taicang Wanlong, New Lok Wah Po, Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology, Shandong Music Construction Group, Zhejiang method fu, Taiwan Ende love, Dongying City, China, National Bridge Industrial, Industrial Beatitudes, Shandong Asia Pacific, BASF, Dornier, Oerlikon, Bayer Technology, INVISTA, Hailida Zhejiang, Shandong Hailong, Yantai Spandex, Jiangsu Constant, Fujian Xinhua, Shanghai Shenda, Haining Jinda, Heilongjiang round treasure, Lenzing and many other well-known enterprises will all be present, so the exhibition presents a high international standard.

At the same time the exhibition also brings together: China, Australia, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, 2,363 people in the audience totaling 10 countries and regions attended the visit.

The new exhibition hall, exhibition set sail again

Successful exhibition held last year, based on the 2012 exhibition will be fully moved to the new built Shanghai World Expo Exhibition. With the display conditions to upgrade, show the scale and quality also has improved accordingly. Organizers due to demand of exhibitors and visitors, and constantly market segments and subject-specific, ad hoc five exhibition zones, namely medical and hygiene textiles area, filtration textiles area, geosynthetics area, transport textiles area, Building and synthetic leather textiles area.

Supporting activities, explore the development of industry

Also during the exhibition, will be held at the same series of activities such as: 1. Textiles Industry Forum 2.Enterprise latest products and technology demonstration lecture 3 business matching service 4. Cooperation Association Annual Conference year and so on. We will show through resources coupled with professional buyers database, published, net strong publicity, the organizers will invite well-known experts and scholars in related fields, and attending all kinds of topics with the audience to explore the depth and bring cutting-edge market information, gathered wisdom, encourages thinking, to promote the development of the industry. Also enables exhibitors and visitors more productive, to bring high-quality domestic and foreign participants. For more show information, please contact: China (Shanghai) Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition Organizing Committee.

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